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  • Experienced tour operators

  • Skillfully planned tours

  • Smoothly managed tours

  • Coordinated work and standards of service

  • Members of the team are well known persons in tourism industry that makes the organization mobile, timely and efficient in daily operation.

    CTO provides online support to the clients and ensure free of charge telephone contact with them during the trip.

    Tour operators provide B2B consultations on the trip planning stage.

    Tour operators have background in various fields of tourism industry (restaurants, hotels etc) that makes the team unique.

    Partner tour-operators. All tour operators are partners which means that they are equal members of the team. The operators have much more space for independent decision making and can enjoy mobile working schedule.

    We do care about quality of our services. For these purposes we have established monitoring system which ensures control of all processes led by the company.

    The evaluation system delivers feedback from our clients at the end of their trip.

    All your remarks will be duly considered and discussed by the organization members and realized to the possible extent.



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