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Georgia is multinational country with rich traditions and famous cuisine 


Country known for preserving prehistoric wine production technology in clay vessel Kvevri
Capital Tbilisi represents a city which created its own style

Unique nature, rich of several climate zones

get to the Black sea, alpine mountains, semi-deserts, lakes, forests, marshals all that you will love

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Caucasus iS it Europe or Asia?

What it means to be Tbilissian

Black Sea treasures




Deep impressions from the trip which makes you think of it over and over again. What influences countries and nations and makes them so different - in Caucasus.

Three countries compete over your impressions>>>

Trip to the insights of the Capital of Georgia. This is Tbilisi city tour which lets you into Tbilisi atmosphere. This is a multinational and hospitable capital created its own culture, style, music, design and even dress code. This is a story rich of interesting events, full of traditions and enriched with music.

What it means to be Tbilissian>>>

Time to go to the seaside! Present trip takes off from several locations. You can start your journey to the Black sea resorts from 3 airports. Product elaborated for the Black sea let you have a rest at the seaside and combine it with some excursions to the closest touristic venues like botanical garden, Batumi funicular etc.

Make the most out of the seaside>>>

On the military road leading to Georgia Russian Federation border is located Resort Gudauri. Most of skiers love this place for good quality of snow and slopes of all categories of difficulty.

For those who want to have unforgettable fairy tale in the snowy forests we offer Bakuriani resort built for family occasions. This is favorite place for Georgians to meet New Year >>>

Georgia is rich of mineral waters. The most popular is Borjomi which over the years has become world wide known brand. Although not many know that Borjomi comes from the title of the little town in the midst of the green forests of Bojomi national park. Wellness packages proposed by the company provide opportunity of visiting Borjomi located wonderful hotels.

Crowne Plaza SPA and resort and Borjomi Palace hotel propose exclusive environment to rest and enjoy fresh air in clean environment>>>






Georgia has so many interesting places to offer It has several all year long resorts where you can have unforgettable time even during rainy days. Lopota is the best example for this where every season of the year has its charming atmosphere.

The complex of several building hotels is placed into the landscape so delicately that it does not intervene into  the environment and keeps the nature almost original.

See section to Kakheti region where you will have an opportunity of acquainting with Georgian wine making traditions.

Needed adrenaline infusion? Enrich your trip with extreme feelings

Air balloons

Sunrise 5 A.M. Above Kakheti valleys lift above the earth and meet first rays of the sun.


Wanna come down the river, and struggle with the mainstream to the get to the shore the first?

Para gliding

On the edge of Gudauri cliffs you can step into the air and lift high above the fascinating mountains.


Ride along curly roads through fruits gardens and old towns.

This is a tour for those who want to come to Georgia and experience beyond classical cultural tours. Follow the festival is a nice opportunity of enjoying the trip and the events of your interest at the same time. Country offers lots of festivals dedicated  to national food, wine,  music, theatre, cinema, photography etc.

Arrive on right time to take the best with you>>>

Teams of various cities get together in Georgia

Those who want to change an environment, combine routine exercises with cultural excursions and taste one of the top cuisines in the world? Contac us and plan trip of your team to best suiting sports bases.






This is direction for promoting business interests in the country. Given direction makes available to the businessmen to explore country, interesting economic field, visit similar business enterprises. It is intended to attract investment through presenting particular fields to the visitors.

This is a direction which we promote very actively. Here you will be able to take care of your health and meanwhile take tours to different regions of the country.

Your company plans an event?
In search for the best fitting venue? We'll provide the reasonable prices and
resolve all technical issues before launch of your event>>>

Want to live in wild nature? Or  the countryside? With us you can get housing of your choice.

We offer trips to the national reserves, farming tourism and accommodation in country sides. The programs vary depending on the interests of the visitors.

This is a direction for those who do not get along with hectic rhythm of the capital. Accommodation can be also arranged in the cottages upon your request.

This is a tour for those

who want to meet the leading Georgian professionals from different fields.

We will arrange the round table meetings for groups of individuals interested in the particular fields.

Georgian prominent persons will conduct master classes for the visitors.




We invite you to the wonderful world of Château Mukhrani an essential experience for any wine enthusiast. Our wine tour will guide you to discover the Georgian royal family history and breath-taking legends, a flavor of antiquity and enchanting wines. Lots of visitors are fascinated by Château Mukhrani wine tours and events. Join them; Château Mukhrani is a 25 minute drive from Tbilisi.


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As it is impossible to present all our tours please make your enquiry and get our offer to arrange your trip to Georgia.

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