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city built on the sulfur springs from ancient times attracted travelers from all over the world. It is safeguarded by mountains chain from all sides and provided shelter to the caravans trading both on East and West  sides of the continent. The city was always under influence of European and Asian cultures, that finally melted into a fusion called Tbilisi.

The city itself accommodates numerous nationalities; over the centuries of coexistence interaction of different mentalities shaped unique sub-culture of Tbilissians which meant living in so called Italian yards which wide wood curved balconies and inner courtyards. it was in fashion to have a little fountain in the middle but not all could afford this luxury. Tbilissians created their slang, humor and the way of living and even music.

Atmosphere of old Tbilisi still can be felt during your trip through the streets of the old city. Italian yards are gradually demolished but some still stand as a remembrance of those years so much loved by Tbilissians.

Our guides are historians who conduct detailed city tours within Tbilisi. These are unusual tours which cannot fit within one day. Actually this is a several day tour which will reveal all brilliant places hidden in the corners of the usual facades of the modern city. Our guides will take you to the markets, on the river, up to the highest fortress, to the oldest pagan building, show how the wars affected the culture and the architecture of the capital. Here you can see obvious influence of German, Arab, Russian, Soviet, Armenian and other architecture. The tour includes such important places for Tbilissians as it is sulfur baths; walking on Kustba and tasting Acharuli Khachapuri at world known Lagidze chain of cafes.

Here you will get an opportunity of tasting national dishes and attending some cultural events if preliminarily agreed theatre/opera/exhibition. In the evenings we propose watching best Georgian films and listening to Georgian music

.As you may know most of tourist companies provide one day excursion to Tbilisi that is extremely limited period for this city.



Tbilisi city tour
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Our tour lasts at least 5 days and provides possibility of diving into Tbilisi life and maybe finally you will feel like any other Tbilissian :-)


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